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Sam Bird, Class of 2016

Why did you choose the McGill MBA Japan Program?

McGill University has the best reputation and network among universities offering MBAs in Japan. I carefully considered other MBA program options on the market, and attended open house sessions, but I found the standard of teaching and candidate students to be higher at McGill than at other institutions. I made my decision after attending 
the McGill Japan Forum and university party to welcome the new year.
 The quality and diversity of the alumni, and the positive feedback from current students, gave me confidence that investing my time and resources with McGill would pay off.

What course do you recommend, and why, in the McGill MBA Japan Program?

Investments and portfolio management gave me some real insights into financial markets and helped me with planning my own investments. The international study trip to Montreal was a great experience, too. The trip allowed us to explore a unique city with a mixed European and North American culture, including its successful business models.