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Marina Sato, Class of 2016

Why did you choose the McGill MBA Japan Program?

I grew up in Canada and I have always known McGill University to be one of the top schools in the country. The McGill MBA Japan Program was very attractive to me because it offers the same program as in Canada; we get the same professors as in Montreal and study the same courses. It was important that the Japan program was not only using the McGill brand, but also providing the same quality of lectures from the best school in Canada, which is what I wanted.

Do you feel that the
McGill MBA Japan Program is global?

It is very international. Many of my classmates are from outside of Japan: Canada, the United States, China,
South Korea, Italy, Senegal, and Germany, to name a few countries. There are also Japanese students, like myself, who grew up mostly abroad.

We all have different views and ways
of thinking—which can make for complicated discussions. But it is a
great opportunity to learn from different perspectives. The professors are also very diverse in terms of culture: Canadians, Spanish, Italian, French, and more.