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Joey Wu, Class of 2016

Why did you choose the McGill MBA Japan Program?

Many people in Japan may not know McGill University. But as a Canadian,
I know it is one of the most respected universities in Canada, and so choosing McGill for my MBA study was a 
natural choice.

In addition, the fact that classes are taught by professors coming from Montreal means that I can get a truly North American MBA education while working full time in Japan.

Would you recommend the McGill MBA Japan Program?

Definitely. Many people are afraid to take the first step, as they are worried about the time commitment and the hard work. And it is 100 percent true that if you cannot make the time, you cannot do a part-time MBA.

I had the same fear at the beginning but, in hindsight, giving up on some fun and outings for 18 months to two years gave me new perspectives that I can carry with me for the rest of my life.