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Asia Study Tour 2016 – observing the fastest developing country in Asia


A group of 2nd year students of the Desautels Faculty of Management’s McGill MBA Japan program participated in a Study Tour to Vietnam, which focused on Ho Chi Minh City–Saigon from August 25th to the 30th, 2016.

The students visited important international companies, Mitsui & Co, Manulife, Kiddo Group, Pharmascience, Sapporo, HSC Investment. The visits to companies of various industries to learn about the market of Vietnam. They also paid visits to the International Business School for interaction with local EMBA students and Canadian International School to know about the country’s fast growing English-speaking market.

Visiting Japanese and Canadian Consuls General have provided the students with the opportunities to see how foreign counties are helping the Vietnamese market and what maybe the future of the fastest developing Asian country.

The Study Tour to Vietnam is part of our unique series of Study Tours in Asia which help to broaden our students’ horizons, develop their understanding of other countries and cultures, and to solidify McGill’s network throughout Asia and the world. Previous study tours have included Chong Ching and Kunmin China, Shanghai and Bejing, as well as Myanmar. In 2015 and 2016 consecutively, students selected Vietnam as a study tour destination. Once again, the Vietnam tour 2016 has proven that the Vietnam is the fastest developing Asian economy.