Due to the COVID situation, we are currently not accepting applications for admission to MBA Japan.

McGill MBA Japan is a full-time, 57-credit program scheduled on weekends that includes a study trip to McGill University’s beautiful and historic campus in Montreal.

Tuition includes:

  • All lecture fees
  • All required textbooks and course packs
  • Access to McGill University’s online library
  • Personal McGill email address
  • Online subscription to the Financial Times
  • Beneficial membership rates for the Canadian & American Chambers of Commerce
  • Beneficial rates for a variety of networking and McGill community events.
  • Study trip to the McGill campus in Montreal*

* Tuition includes Narita–Montreal return airfare, local transportation, and shared lodging.

Revised Payment Schedule for 2020 Entry

Due to the effects of the coronavirus, the opening of classes for 2020 entry has been rescheduled for August, 2020.  To reflect the later starting date, the payment schedule has also been revised. The total program tuition for students entering in April 2020 is ¥6,042,000 plus consumption tax.

Consumption tax is currently at a rate of 10%.

Entrance Fee
At acceptance ¥200,000 + consumption tax
First Payment At acceptance ¥500,000 + consumption tax
Second Payment At acceptance ¥842,000 + consumption tax
Third Payment September 2020 ¥900,000 + consumption tax
Fourth Payment December 2020 ¥900,000 + consumption tax
Fifth Payment March 2021 ¥900,000 + consumption tax
Sixth Payment June 2021 ¥900,000 + consumption tax
Seventh Payment September 2021 ¥900,000 + consumption tax
TOTAL Year 1 + Year 2   ¥6,042,000 + consumption tax