Program Tuition for 2019

Year 1

Item Due Date Amount
Entrance Fee
At acceptance ¥200,000
First Payment At acceptance ¥500,000
Second Payment March 25, 2019 ¥842,000
Third Payment June 25, 2019 ¥900,000
Fourth Payment September 25, 2019 ¥900,000

Year 2

Item Due Date Amount
Fifth Payment December 25, 2019 ¥900,000 +
consumption tax
Sixth Payment March 25, 2020 ¥900,000 +
consumption tax
Seventh Payment June 25, 2020 ¥900,000 +
consumption tax
TOTAL Year 1 + Year 2 ¥6,042,000 +
consumption tax

Payment Method

Payments are accepted by bank transfer to the McGill Japan account in Tokyo.

Account name マギルジャパン(ユ McGill Japan, Inc.
Bank Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank (0005)
Branch Kojimachi Branch (616)
Account type Regular account
Account number 5083395

Domestic and/or international bank transfer charges are borne by the student or sponsoring company. We do not handle cash at our office.

Please be aware that your bank may charge a transaction fee for the funds transfer. This fee may be deducted from the amount being paid to the beneficiary, resulting in underpayment of the required fees.

Students are responsible for checking this fee with their bank, and ensuring that the actual amount transferred matches the fees required (in yen).

Refund Policy

Refunds are only available to students who have withdrawn from the university in good standing. Refunds are not available after lectures for a particular course have already started. Refunds of the second payment are available only within 30 days of date of payment, and no refund is available after the start of classes. For students who withdraw from the university in good standing, 50% of unused tuition, less a handling charge, is refundable. Graduation: Official transcripts and diplomas will not be issued to students owing tuition.

Tax Deductibility for MBA Tuition

Residents of Japan may, under some circumstances, claim part of their McGill MBA Japan tuition as a tax-deductible expense. Please consult your accountant or local tax office for more details.