Application Information for International Students

The next academic year starts in April 2019.

If you are coming from abroad to study for McGill MBA Japan program, and require a student visa, please read through the following information before the application.

In order to obtain your visa before the course commencement, you would need to be admitted and have the visa application documents prepared by 10th January.  Therefore, the application deadline for all international students is strictly set to 15th December.

Standard Visa Application Process

  1. Upon admittance, you will receive an invoice from our office. When you make the payment of entry fee and first payment, please notify our office of your visa requirement. We will send you all documents necessary for your visa application.
  2. You will be requested to complete and submit the required documents by 10th Jan.
  3. McGill University, Japan Campus will submit the visa application on your behalf to the Immigration Bureau.
  4. Immigration office will take in average of 5-8 weeks to approve the visa application and issue a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE). In some cases, it may take up to 3 months.
  5. Once McGill University, Japan Campus receives the CoE, McGill University, Japan Campus will invoice the student for the visa application fee ¥21,600. This fee can be paid together with your second tuition payment.
  6. McGill University, Japan Campus sends the CoE via express mail to the student.
  7. The student takes the CoE and passport to the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate for final processing, which takes 1-8 days depending on the embassy or consulate.
  8. The passport is stamped with the visa and returned to the student. The student may now enter Japan.

Financial Viability Documents

To issue a student visa, the Japanese Immigration Bureau requires that all students show the ability to support themselves. McGill University, Japan Campus estimates ¥5,000,000 (or equivalent in foreign currency) as the amount necessary to cover costs, including tuition, school fees, and living expenses, for the first year. The documents you submit should show where the money to pay for school and living expenses is actually coming from.

Students can submit documents in their own name or, if you do not have the full amount, a financial guarantor, such as a parent, relative or acquaintance, can submit documents on your behalf to meet the ¥5,000,000 requirement. The guarantor must submit documents in his or her name that reflect their current financial situation, and must be dated within three months of the visa application deadline. The guarantor must complete the Letter of Sponsorship which will be provided by the office.

Financial viability can be proved by submitting any combination of the following documents:

  • Bank statements (Only acceptable if your online account(s) can generate an official account statement in PDF format or if your bank(s) can prepare and sign a letter with your available balance)
  • Retirement account statements (must have documentation regarding cash/loan availability)
  • Loan or scholarship approvals (if any)

All documents must be in either Japanese or English. Documents may not be submitted after the visa application deadline. If you are from Bangladesh, China (excluding Hong Kong and Taiwan), Mongol, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, or Vietnam, original bank statements written and signed by the bank on your available balance must be mailed to McGill University, Japan Campus by post and addressed to Visa Application Section at McGill MBA Japan office.