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The McGill MBA Japan Program is a weekend MBA program based on the world-leading Integrative MBA program offered by McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management in Montreal. McGill MBA Japan classes take place in Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo, placing McGill at the heart of business in Japan and Asia.

Classes meet two weekends in a row, on Saturday and Sunday, and are followed by a two weekend break. This allows you to continue with your career while completing a full Master of Business Administration from McGill University within 20 months.

The program starts in April of each year, and the final paper is submitted in December of the following year. McGill MBA Japan students who begin in April 2019 will receive their degree in February 2021.

To enable you to lead effectively and responsibly in an increasingly complex and interconnected world, the Desautels Faculty of Management has created a truly innovative integrated MBA curriculum that breaks down the barriers between traditional disciplines. Our unique integrated management approach will allow you to work across managerial boundaries and to fully understand how organizations function as a whole, and in an international context. Our goal is the help you become a highly skilled and capable General Manager, which will allow you to take leadership roles within organizations not only in Japan, but around the world.

Along with this, you will gain the skills and mindsets to identify new business opportunities, and to lead Entrepreneurial and ‘intra-preneurial’ teams, and to start up organizations.

The MBA Japan program is offered on two, and sometimes three, consecutive weekends throughout the year, with the same class hours and academic standards as the program in Montreal. The weekend format allows you to reflect on what you are studying, and to implement new solutions to business issues while you study.

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Laying the Foundations

Integration is achieved through a unique set of core modules. Each module is taught by multiple professors from different disciplines. No other MBA program in the world offers this ground-breaking collaborative approach. Starting with the fundamental quantitative tools needed to understand business issues, our program also addresses the leadership challenges that you need to function as a responsible manager and societal leader.

Integrating Disciplines

Students begin the Integrated Core curriculum, consisting of four modules. The first module, Business Tools, covers the analytical skills you will need in making decisions. This is followed by Managing Resources and Value Creation, which provide an understanding of the portfolio of resources available to managers (human, financial, and technological), to create value through the operations of the organization. Lastly, the Markets and Globalization module will challenge you to introduce this value to the global marketplace.

The first year Core also includes a business case competition that allows you to put what you have developed to work as well as a Global Leadership module which will help you reflect on what success means for you and what goals and responsibilities (personal, organizational, and societal) you would like to assume in the business world.

International Study Trip

Students in the McGill MBA Japan program participate in an International Study Trip to McGill’s beautiful Home Campus in Montreal. This will further expand your horizons, and develop your worldly understanding of business. The study trip will take place over Golden Week in May.

Convenient Location

McGill MBA Japan’s location in Nishi-Shinjuku places us only a short walk away from Shinjuku Station, one of Japan’s main transportation hubs, with easy access by train, metro, subway, and quick connections to Narita and Haneda airports, and to the Shinkansen at Tokyo Station.

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