Messages from McGill

Dean’s Message

Taking advantage of McGill University’s world-class reputation, our students learn from top professors from across the globe. We take enormous pride in having helped develop numerous highly successful, responsible leaders and having enabled a multitude of graduates to achieve their goals. Join them and define your own success through our MBA Japan program.

Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou
Dean, Professor of Finance
McGill University Desautels Faculty of Management

Academic Director’s Message

We are proud that over the past 20 years, McGill’s MBA Japan program has enabled more than 500 of Tokyo’s brightest and most dynamic minds to advance their careers and make a difference. Taught by expert faculty members who travel to Tokyo from McGill’s Montreal campus, our MBA is the only one available in Japan that is ranked by the Financial Times.

If you want to obtain a globally recognized North American MBA in Tokyo while continuing to work, there is simply no alternative. Why not learn the latest management thinking and become part of Desautels’ vibrant network of 20,000 alumni that extends all over the world?

Benjamin Croitoru
Academic Director, McGill MBA Japan

Director’s Message

I’m proud to be a part of McGill. The culture is inclusive, multicultural and multilingual. It represents not only the best of Canada, but the best that people can be.

When you select a school, you’re selecting more than the content of classes. You’re selecting a community to join. In the McGill community, you’ll be in the classroom with some of the best teachers from around the world, and surrounded by experienced and highly qualified classmates.

After your MBA, you’ll join an extensive network of alumni engaged across a wide range of fields. A group that you can tap into for your professional life or just to make friends. Long after your classes and ended, the McGill community will be a part of your life.

David Hackett
Director, McGill MBA Japan