Professor Saibal Ray publishes new book


February 7, 2020

In his new book Channel Strategies and Marketing Mix in a Connected World, Professor Saibal Ray puts the spotlight on how the digitalization of the retail channel affects consumers, products, and sustainability.

The book aims to revisit the “traditional” interaction between channel strategies and the marketing mix in a connected world. In particular, it focuses on the following four dimensions in this context: ConsumersProductsValue Proposition and Sustainability. Keeping in mind the growing digitalization of business processes in the retail world and the move towards omni-channel retailing, the book introduces the state-of-the-art academic and practitioner studies along these dimensions that could enhance the understanding of the potential impact that new technologies and strategies can have on practice in the near future. 

When launching a new product/service to market, firms usually consider various components of the marketing mix to influence consumers’ purchase behaviors, such as product design, convenience, value proposition, promotions, sustainability initiatives, etc. This mix varies depending on the specific channel and consumer niche that the firm is targeting. But this book shows how channel strategy also influences the effectiveness in utilizing the marketing mix to attract potential customers.