Welcome to the Desautels Faculty of Management’s McGill MBA Japan program website.

The McGill MBA Japan program the only Master of Business Administration Program in that let’s you study for your MBA on weekends, in Tokyo, while you continue to work. This allows you to have immediate impact within your organisation, and your career, and you future.

Ours is also the only program in Japan that is offered by a Financial Times Global Top 100 Business School:  The Desautels Faculty of Management of McGill University.

The Master of Business Administration–MBA–degree is widely recognised as a powerful basis for success not only in large companies, but also in startups, entrepreneurial and family firms, and in government and non-profit organisations.

McGill MBA Japan Alumni find themselves in leadership positions not only in Japan, but throughout Asia, North-America, and around the world.

Our convenient schedule is designed for working people, with class sessions taking place two weekends in a row, followed by a two or one weekend break.

Our program is taught by our own Professors who fly in to Tokyo from our home campus in Montreal, Canada.

You study all in English, with students from Japan and around the world, in a very convenient setting at our Classroom Facility in Nishi-Shinuku, Tokyo, one of Japan and the world’s most important business hubs.

It is time to apply:

Applications for Admission in April 2016 are OPEN. Now is the time to start moving yourself, your career, and your future forward with McGill.

Download our brochure to find out more about us: McGill_brochure_ENG

The Japanese Version of our Brochure is also available: McGill_brochure_JPN

The McGill Challenge:

Studying for a McGill MBA, from the Desautels Faculty of Management on weekends, while continuing to work, is a tremendous challenge. But it is an investment that you will find richly rewarding, both while a student and as an alumni of McGill University.

I have listed a few important reasons why McGill is the best choice in Japan. 

McGill University:

McGill is a North American acadmic powerhouse, and its long history as a leading research and teaching institution is widely recognised: McGill is ranked first in Canada and 24th in the world in the 2015 QS World University Rankings. The Desautels Faculty of Management MBA program, which includes McGill MBA Japan, with our Integrated Curriculum is highly regarded. In October 2015, the Desautels Faculty of Management was listed within the Top 10 worldwide–#1 in Canada, #2 in North American, and #6 Globally–by the ED Universal Rankings.

Our program is also the only program in Tokyo that is listed in the Financial Times Global Rankings, and made a 15 point jump in the rankings in 2016.

Our McGill MBA Japan program offers a North American MBA curriculum, and is taught in English by respected and talented professors who fly in to Tokyo from our home campus in Montreal. 

McGill  Alumni: Global Career Posibilities
McGill Alumni are among the most employable and well-placed of any North American university, or any university anywhere in the world. McGill MBA Japan alumni find themselves in leadership positions as Managers, Senior Managers, Vice-Presidents, Directors, and Company Presidents in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Hong Kong, Singapore, Pune, Shanghai, and all the other major business, culture, and finance centers around the world.

McGill alumni work in cutting-edge organizations such as Apple Computer, Nissan Motor Company, Mitsubishi Corporation, Google, Gree, Amazon, Astra-Zeneca, Deloitte, KPMG, McKinsey, Linked-in, Richemont, Government of Canada, Eizai, Jannsen Pharma, Bosch, Mitsui Chemical, Sumitomo-3M, Cummins Engine, Coach, and Rakuten, United States Navy, to name just a few.

Several McGill MBA Japan alumni also start up their own successful business, in which they turned their dream into reality.

All of our students and alumni carry McGill’s reputation for excellence with them. As one of our recent gradutes, Bart Bagrowicz told me: “The McGill name has done wonders for me…and continues to on an almost daily basis…it makes my job easier.”

Study in Tokyo:
Tokyo is one of the world’s greatest centres of research, technology, information and finance, which makes it one of the best laboratories for studying business. With McGill’s very diverse student body and our own faculty from the Desautels Faculty of Management in Montreal, we offer a truly global educational experience, right here in Tokyo.

McGill MBA Japan Students:
Our students are the among strongest in any program in Tokyo. All are working in Japan, and they bring a wealth of experience and insights to the classroom

International Study Trip:

All of our students take part in our International Study Trip to Montreal, which takes place during Golden Week of the second year of their program. This is a wonderful chance to find out about Montreal, Quebec, and Canada’s unique economic organisation and position, as well as to enjoy the amazing cultural dynamism of Montreal itself. This will help to develop your worldliness as a manager, and put you in touch with an even wider network of business people.

Entrepreneurial Success:

A number of our McGill MBA Japan alumni have gone on to start their own companies with great success. These include the highly successful Gass Teas company, which imports and distributes Rooibos Tea in Japan. Clinton Gass from the MBA Japan class of 2000 is the founder and owner. Find out more here: Gass

Osamu Hoshino, MBA Japan Class of 2012 is deeply involved in the MyWay Plus Corporation, which makes high-specification power systems which have wide application across Japan:  Learn more here.

Along with this, Paul Speed, MBA Japan Class of 2014 is the founder and CEO of the Kyoto Brewing Company, which brews and distributes Craft Beer in Japan. Find out more about Paul Speed’s business here.

Global Reach:
McGill are also involved with developments on a national and international scale in Japan, Canada, Asia, and the world.  The McGill MBA Japan program recently sponsored and participated in the Conversations on an Economic Partnership Agreement–EPA–between Canada and Japan.

Please contact us to find out more, or attend one of our open house sessions at in Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo and find out why the McGill MBA Japan program is the Top MBA in Japan, and one of the very best MBA programs anywhere in the world.

The next academic year starts in April 2016. 

Applications are open now, so please submit your application as soon as possible.

For more information, give me call at 81-3-5326-3140

You can upload your documents and other scores after you submit the application. Visit our apply page.

Learn more about the growing value of a Master of Business Administration Degree by watching this Business in Japan TV video feature here.

I look forward to speaking with you soon, and I hope that you will take up the McGill MBA Japan challenge in April 2016.

Philip O’Neill, BA (McGill),  B.Ed., MBA (McGill, 2003)
Director, McGill MBA Japan Program–Tokyo’s Top MBA
Desautels Faculty of Management
McGill University
Tel: 81-3-5326-3140