A full MBA, two weekends per month, while continuing your work

McGill MBA Japan is a 57-credit weekend program delivered in Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo.

The program includes an Intenational Study Trip to our beautiful Home Campus in Montreal. This new feature of our program further expands your horizons, and helps to build your wordliness in business.

The program is structured to allow candidates to complete an MBA degree in as little as twenty months, while maintaining full-time employment.

The 2014 academic year begins in April.

Students entering in April 2014 will submit all final papers by December 2014 and Graduate with thier McGill MBA degree in February 2016.

Diplomas are distributed at Convocation in June.

Classes are scheduled two and sometimes three consecutive weekends (Saturday and Sunday) throughout the year from 9 am to 5 pm.  The academic contents and standards of the program are based on McGill University’s MBA Program in Montreal, Canada. Second year courses run from 8AM to 6PM two weekends per month.

Emphasizing the significant research and teaching strengths of McGill’s international faculty while responding to current business imperatives, the curriculum offers an integrated multi-disciplinary, problem-solving approach grounded in practice. Advanced management concepts are integrated with case studies and examples to ground theory in the real world.

FIRST YEAR (15 credits)
Integrated Core Courses

Core Components
The Core is comprised of five integrated modules and a final case competition
• Business Tools
• Global Leadership
• Managing Resources
• Value Creation
• Markets and Globalization
Case competition

SECOND YEAR (30 credits)
Integrated Second Year Program

The McGill MBA Japan Program offers an Integrated Second year program that develops a well-rounded manager with solid Financial and General Management capabilities.

The program structure is recursive and self-reinforcing, such that the student will have the competencies to lead in an interconnected, globalized environment. McGill MBA Japan graduates have the tools and mindsets needed to lead existing organizations, and to identify, organize, and build new enterprises.

Course Series for 2014:

Course Name — Professor

Topics in Strategy-Steve Maguire

Winning with IT- Alain Pinsonneault

Modern Corporate Finance—Adolfo de Motta

Entrepreneurial Enterprise—Michael Avedesian

Investments and Portfolio Management—Jan Ericsson

Financial Reporting Structure-Steve Fortin

Negotiations—Pablo Restrepo

Marketing Intelligence—Saurabh Mishra

Cross Cultural Management—Jimmy Niblock

International Business Policy—Omar Tolan

Optional Independent Topic Study

Course offerings may change from year to year.

Practicum (6 credits)

McGill MBA Japan students undertake a 6 credit independent study working with a McGill Professor. The independent study may take the form of a Practicum within an organization, a Study of the student’s own organization, or an academic research paper on integrated management studies.


McGill MBA Japan students entering in April 2014 will participate in an International Study Trip during Golden Week 2015 to McGill’s beautiful Home Campus in Montreal.  Note that the costs of economy class transportation from Narita to Montreal and lodging at McGill’s campus are included in the program tuition. All students should have a valid passport and correct documentation for re-entering Japan, if necessary.

NOTE: McGill Japan will make all efforts to offer courses on the published dates but may change courses dates, titles, or instructors due to natural or human-made disaster, professor unavailability, or other reasons that are beyond our control.