The Eduniversal Evaluation System (EES) is a ranking and rating system that encompasses 9 geographical zones, 154 countries, and accounts for the international influence, reputation and the quality of the programs of Business Schools. In addition, the EES checks the accreditations of the schools, membership in the international accreditation associations and other international and national ranking results. These criteria are considered by the EES in order to obtain the Official Selection of the Best 1,000 Business Schools Worldwide. The Official Selection is a selection of Business Schools made by a Scientific Committee that has established a global mapping system meeting the criteria of universality and the international reputation of each academic institution. Each country and each continent is represented according to a quota method. The number of schools per country is therefore weighted by quantitative and qualitative criteria. EDUNIVERSAL’s International Scientific Committee, responsible for the Official Selection, is made up of a group composed of 9 expert members. The International Scientific Committee meets : – to modify the Official Selection every four years, depending on global educational trends and evolution;  – to publish the Eduniversal Palmes results each year, based on the internalization criteria and the Deans’ vote; to publish the results of the annual survey conducted with Directors and Deans of the Business Schools.