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Summer 2014
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We are happy to send you this Summer 2014 Edition, which contains updates on events over the past few months in Japan, information from McGill University, as well as information about the Desautels Faculty of Management’s McGill MBA Japan Program.
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Upcoming Lunchtime Speaker Event
Recent McGill-Japan Events Roundup
Alumni Updates
Notes from the Desautels Faculty in Montreal
Notes from McGill University
Upcoming Open House Sessions
Program notes
Lunchtime Speaker Series, Saturday, August 2nd, 1PM
On Saturday, August 2nd, 2014, from 1PM, Dr. Makoto Sugita, McGill MBA Japan Class of 2009, Vice President, Research and Development Division, Medical Affairs Division of Janssen Pharmaceutical, K.K. will give a lunchtime talk focusing on challenges and opportunities in the Pharma Industry. This event will take place at the McGill MBA Japan Classrooms at the Learning Edge Facility in Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo, which is directly on top of Tokyo Metro, Marunouchi-line, Nishi-Shinjuku Station. Please join us for what should be a fascinating talk and excellent networking opportunity with a prominent member of the McGill Community in Japan.
Recent Events
Spring Networking in Tokyo with Desautels students
In late April, a group of ninety Desautels Faculty of Management full-time and Professional (part-time) MBA students visited Japan on their annual Overseas Study Trip to Japan. In conjunction with this, one hundred and ninety McGill Alumni along with the visiting Full-time and Professional MBA program students from the Desautels Faculty of Management joined together at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo at the McGill Japan Spring Networking event.
This annual event brought together alumni from across the large McGill community in Japan, as well as government officials and friends of McGill.
Mr Martial Pagé, Deputy Head of Mission hosted the event and gave the opening remarks. The event was attended by Professors Sujata Madan, and Demetrios Vakratsas of the Desautels Faculty, who were leading the study trip to Tokyo.
Keep an eye out for upcoming McGill Japan Community Networking Events.
 McGill MBA Japan Study Trip to the Home Campus in Montreal
The very first edition of the Study Trip to the Home Campus for McGill MBA Japan students took please in early May, 2014. Members of the Desautels Faculty of Management’s McGill MBA Japan Class of 2015 spend a week on the home campus. The trip included lectures and case studies with professors in Montreal, company visits and research in the greater Montreal area, as well as a range of experiences of Montreal’s unique character and culture.
Professors Alfred Jaeger and Richard Donovan led the academic program, which helped students develop a deep understanding of Montreal and Canada’s economic environment, as well as the ties between Japan and Canada.
 We were also very fortunate to have a special lecture by Professor Henry Mintzberg.
Special thanks to the Desautels Faculty, the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo, and the Delegation General of Quebec in Tokyo.
 Read more and have a look here:
Send off for new McGill Undergraduates
On July 9th, 2014, Jean Pierre Baird BCom, Marshal Wong, BA, joined by Professor Saibal Ray, as well as current McGill Undergraduate Students and their families. Congratulations to the new McGill Undergrads as they start their journey on the home campus in Montreal.
Congratulations to all the new undergrads and welcome to McGill!!
McGill Alumni Association in Japan–MAAJ
On Thursday, July 17th 2014, the McGill Alumni Association in Japan hosted professor Audrey Moores of the Department of Chemistry. Professor Moores was visiting Japan for conferences in the area of Green Chemistry, and to meet with colleagues at Riken, one of Japan and the world’s major scientific research institutes.
McGill Alumni reading this should make sure that they are registered with the McGill University on-line community to receive alumni-related news and invitations:
McGill MBA Japan Alumni Updates
Mr Yuji Mano, MBA Japan Class of 2003, has been promoted to
Senior Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer
Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc.
Congratulations Mano-san on this important step.
Ms Gina Jamoralin, MBA Japan Class of 2011, has been promoted to Consul General of the Philippines in Honolulu, Hawai’i. Congratulations Gina as you build up your outstanding diplomatic career.
Ms Sayuri Karasawa, MBA Japan Class of 2012 has taken on a new role as HR Business Partner, Japan at Net Apps: a rapidly growing Silicon Valley-based technology company. Congratulations Sayuri.
Sayuri has been kind enough to send along links to her company’s home page where her most recent jobs openings are posted:
Notes from the Desautels Faculty of Management in Montreal
Bold Ideas Take Flight at McGill Dobson Cup
One June 5, four teams were crowned victors of the 2014 McGill Dobson Cup, the annual start-up competition hosted by the Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship at the Desautels Faculty of Management.
 Rebalancing Society with Henry Mintzberg on Canal Savoir
World-renowned management thinker Henry Mintzberg says the world is in need of a radical renewal of societies that have been falling out of balance, toward private sector domination, since the collapse of the Soviet bloc.
Date and time: August 11 (8:00am), August 12 (10:30pm), August 14 (1:00pm)
View the complete schedule for upcoming airings or watch the video.
 Research Notes from McGill University
Radio-burst discovery deepens astrophysics mystery
Brief pulse detected by Arecibo telescope appears to come from far beyond our galaxy. Read more about this ground breaking research at McGill here:
 McGill MBA Japan Program Notes
Professors in Town
Professor Alfred Jaeger, Academic Director, McGill MBA Japan Program of the Desautels Faculty of Management is in Tokyo this week for meetings with the McGill MBA Japan Advisory Board.
Professor Pablo Restrepo is in Tokyo to teach Managerial Negotiations with the McGill MBA Japan Class of 2015.
Professors Liette Lapointe, Saibal Ray, and Steve Fortin, were with us earlier in July, and we look forward to seeing Professors Saurabh Mishra and Benjamin Croitoru later this summer.
McGill MBA Japan Open House Sessions in August
The McGill MBA Japan Program of the Desautels Faculty of Management will hold an Open House Session on Sunday, August 31st from 1PM in Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Sign up here to attend:
Applications for the McGill MBA Japan Program will open later this summer.
McGill Japan Staff Notes
Ms Tomoko Chan has joined the McGill Japan office in the important role of Business Manager. Please join all of us as we welcome Tomoko on board.
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