The Student Council, along with the McGill MBA Japan program, host a lunchtime speakers. These speakers from the worlds of business and government offer valuable insights into their own organizations, and offer a broader perspective for our students.


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Upcoming Lunchtime Speaker:

Sunday, September 27th, 2015.

Mr Ronald Haigh, Toyota Motor Company.

Mr Haigh will speak on Toyota’s Culture of Innovation from 12:45PM.

Recent Lunchtime Speakers

Saturday, July 5th, 2014

Ms Makiko Fukui, President of Harmony Residence will speak on Recent Board Room Trends in Japan, with particular interest in Women moving into managerial roles in Japanese companies.

April 8th, 2014.

Mr Roland Thompson, MBA Japan Class of 2011, gave an inspiring talk on the topic of Impact Investment: A new approach to tackling social issues through directed investment strategies. This talk led to a number of our students taking up this challenge.

Saturday, August 30th, 2013.

Dr Greg Story, President, Dale Carnegie Learning, Japan.

We are very pleased to welcome Greg back as he gives a talk on how to Super Motivate Your Organisation. This talk takes place at the McGill MBA Japan Classrooms at the Learning Edge Facilities, Nomura Fudosan Nishi-Shinjuku Building, 4th Floor. This is directly above Marunouchi Line, Nishi-Shinjuku Station. Try to arrive by 12:30 to get a seat.




Other Recent Speakers have included:

September 2012
Mr Dan Slater, Economist Intelligence Unit, Japan.
Mr Slater offered his insights into the strengths of the Japanese Economic Model and outlined risks and opportunities for people in Japan, the ‘brittle’ situation in China, and the differences in national spending across major countries world-wide.

November 2010
・Mr. Jonathan Fried, Ambassador of Canada to Japan
Ambassador Fried offered important perspectives on the wide variety of international organizations, their purpose, function, and the inherent difficulties of working with very large organizations.

October 2010
・Mr Deli Matsuo, HR Chief, Google Inc.
Mr. Matsuo gave an insightful explanation of Google’s People Management Philosophy. Mr Matuo introduced Google’s Corporate culture, the hiring process, as well as the challenges that Google faces as it grows.

September 2010
・Mr. Ryuta Suzuki, Deputy Division Chief Asia and Oceania Finance Department, Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)
Mr Suzuki gave a very thorough and detailed explanation of the nature and role of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation. In particular, he explained its funding structure, and role in promoting Japanese business.

August 2010
・Mr Glen Fukushima, Chairman and Director of Airbus Japan, K.K.
Mr Glen Fukushima gave an off the record talk to our students focusing on Globalization, Competition, and Japan.

February 2010
・Mr Naohiro Kaji, Director of the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan
Mr Kaji introduced this new organization that is dedicated to nurturing and commercializing new innovations in Japan, as the country faces a number of challenges in terms of competitiveness, productivity, and commercial sustainability.

December 2009
・Mr Claude Bourbonniere, Representative Director of Cirque du Soleil in Japan
Mr Bourbonniere gave a fascinating talk on one of the world’s most successful Entertainment organizations. How it was formed 25 years ago in Montreal and grew into a multi billion dollar enterprise with permanant and travelling shows the world over.