The McGill MBA Japan Program leads to a full Master of Business Administration degree from McGill University.

Our courses are delivered in English on weekends, usually two weekends each month, in Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo. Our professors fly in from McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management in Montreal, Canada, to deliver the classes.

The program leads to a General Management MBA, which is a highly sought-after degree in Japan, Asia, and around the world. Courses in the MBA I Core are taught by multiple professors to show the strong interconnections and complex interactions between the various parts of a business.

The McGill MBA Japan Program starts in April of each year, and students complete their studies in December of the following year.

The program is delivered in two main parts: The First Year: MBA Integrated Core, which runs from April to November; and the Second Year: MBA II, which begins in January.

Students can participate in a Graduation Ceremony in Tokyo, and also attend Convocation in Montreal — which involves hundreds of students and family members — in June.

MBA I–Integrated Core Courses

Global Leadership, Business Tools, Value Creation, Managing Resources, Markets and Globalization. The MBA I Core is capped off with a Case Competition at the end of November. The Integrated Core Courses are taught by multiple professors to show the links between the various areas of business and how they work together. This allows our students to develop an integrated and comprehensive view of an enterprise.

The Second Year, MBA II, starts in January, and comprises three parts: Professional Management Stream Courses, Study Trip to the Home Campus in Montreal, and Practicum. The courses are offered on two consecutive weekends each month, with a two-weekend break between courses.

The courses run from January to October. The Study Trip to the Home Campus in Montreal takes place during Golden Week of the Second Year. The Practicum is a major project that each student undertakes. This is typically a new business plan or a consulting project. The Practicum is normally submitted in December of the Second Year.

Professional Stream Courses in 2016

Topics in Strategy, Managing the Entrepreneurial Enterprise, Modern Corporate Finance, Cross Cultural Management, Investments and Portfolio Management, Financial Reporting: Structure and Analysis, Marketing Intelligence, International Business Policy, Managerial Negotiations, and Winning with IT.

Students may also replace one of the courses with an Independent Topic Study.

Our two-weekends-per-month format allows students to continue with their careers, and complete a full Master of Business Administration degree within 20 months.